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Chiropody has traditionally been the removal of callouses (hard skin), corns, the good management of toenails and the maintenance of the foot in a healthy condition. This approach to foot treatment can be helpful right across the age range and may also, because it removes painful areas, improve walking patterns.

We pride ourselves at the Fyfield Clinic in providing pain-free and gentle chiropody, which sometimes supplements our other services but in many cases, gives a patient long-term relief of their symptoms.

Corns and callosities are caused by excessive friction and shearing stress between bones, skin and shoes. The treatment may therefore also involve shoe advice and also tips on how to care for the skin.

Toenails should be cut carefully and straight across and the only type of shaping at the sides of nails should be just to remove sharp corners, which might snag on socks or tights. No attempt should be made to shape the nails more than this, otherwise it will encourage discomfort and possibly infection.

You may be advised to use a variety of medications including moisturising creams, anti-fungals and either a spray, cream or powder to reduce excessive sweating. Insoles, which accommodate problems beneath the foot, provide an inexpensive way of reducing these painful areas. We may also provide adhesive dressings to protect and deflect pressure from painful lesions on the foot.

We recommend:

CCS Cream
Foot Balm (for cracked heels)
Foot Spray (for smell and perspiration)
Tea-Tree Powder (to freshen feet, especially in warm weather)

All of these items are available from our reception desks.