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Neuromas often present as a burning pain at the base of the toes with pins and needles into the toes themselves sometimes with numbness, usually the 3rd and 4th but sometimes the 2nd and 3rd. Ultrasonic scanning allows us to measure the size and position of the problem and surgery has a high success rate. We will usually suggest however, some non-surgical treatment before insoles/orthotics and/or steroid injections.

Neuromas are damaged nerves surrounded by scar tissue, which is usually caused by irritation. It is important when making a diagnosis to exclude other possible causes including inflamed bursae, underlying arthritis, fracture and capsulitis. Excision of the nerve with the neuroma will result in numbness between affected toes.

Normally patients can walk and drive with ease in about 2 weeks.

It is important to note that occasionally for a few months after surgery, there may be a tingling in the operated area - this is the nerve healing.

At the Fyfield clinic we operate through the top of the foot (the incision is about 1 inch long) which gives a much earlier return to activity.