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Self Help
The feet should be washed regularly to reduce sweat residues, if left, the bacteria in sweat breaks down and causes foot odour. A useful product is Peppermint Cooling Foot Soak, available from the Body Shop.

Do not use razor blades to remove hard skin but foot files incorporating emery board can be bought at our Clinic. These will help reduce hard skin and keep it smooth. These files are particularly useful around the heels.

In the summer particularly, exfoliation is useful to remove dead or accumulated skin. This should be done after bathing and useful products include Lemon Grass Foot Polish, also available from Body Shop.

The use of a moisturising cream is important as feet spend so much of their time locked into shoes or trainers. We recommend CCS Cream, which can be obtained in our Clinic or Boots.

A good foot powder, used lightly, keeps the foot feeling fresh and reduces friction.

Try to make the shoes that you are wearing suitable for the task in hand and change your shoes, if possible, through the day.