For more information on surgical techniques, please see American Podiatric Medical Association site, Scanner site, Foot Doctors.
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Other sections of this site already cover the removal of corns and verrucae.

Tendons, particularly those going to the toes can become shortened, this shortening can be corrected by lengthening (z-plasty), release or by transferring the tendon to another site

Skin that has become contracted or shortened because of trauma or change in underlying bony position can be lengthened by a number of plastic surgery techniques, including the V-Y plasty and flap techniques. The latter are particularly useful when there is a skin defect, which requires excision and skin replacement.

Ruptured ligaments in the foot chiefly affect the ankle area and are dealt with in our ankle injury section.

Ganglions are swellings arising from joint capsules or tendon sheaths. They may respond to non-surgical treatment but often require excision.

Bursa are swollen sacs, intended to limit damage to the underlying bone, they often respond to injection therapy but, if this is not effective, then excision should be considered.