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Verrucae are common and sometimes painful problems that occur usually on the underside of the feet and sometimes between the toes. They are actually plantar warts and are caused by a virus.

Initial treatments should be based on whether or not the warts hurt and how long they have been present. A good first-line approach is either the daily application of pure Tea Tree Oil, together with a waterproof plaster to occlude the area. Alternatively, Mother Tincture of Thuja can be applied daily, and this should be supplemented by taking Thuja orally. Details of this can be given at consultation.

Other podiatric approaches are the application of acids in a controlled way and freezing, by spraying the area with liquid nitrogen (Cryotherapy). This may require more than one treatment.

For really stubborn verrucae, then electro-surgery may be the preferred approach. This is normally done under local anaesthetic, which is injected around the ankle to numb the whole foot. Different methods are used here at the Clinic and we will advise you on exactly which procedure we suggest.

The treatment is not painful but oozing is not uncommon (bleeding) so that it is important to keep the bandage intact and to take things very gently for a day or two. Healing times vary but normally around three weeks is the average, depending on the location of the wart.